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Diagnostic error in hospitals: finding forests not just the big trees
Zwaan, Laura; Singh, Hardeep

Associations of workflow disruptions in the operating room with surgical outcomes: a systematic review and narrative synthesis
Koch, Amelie; Burns, Jacob; Catchpole, Ken; Weigl, Matthias

Community level socioeconomic status association with surgical outcomes and resource utilisation in a regional cohort: a prospective registry analysis
Mehaffey, J. Hunter; Hawkins, Robert B.; Charles, Eric J.; Turrentine, Florence E.; Kaplan, Brian; Fogel, Sandy; Harris, Charles; Reines, David; Posadas, Jorge; Ailawadi, Gorav; Hanks, John B.; Hallowell, Peter T.; Jones, R. Scott

Challenges of opioid deprescribing and factors to be considered in the development of opioid deprescribing guidelines: a qualitative analysis
Langford, Aili, V; Gnjidic, Danijela; Lin, Chung-Wei Christine; Bero, Lisa; Penm, Jonathan; Blyth, Fiona M.; Schneider, Carl R.

Application of human factors to improve usability of clinical decision support for diagnostic decision-making: a scenario-based simulation study
Carayon, Pascale; Hoonakker, Peter; Hundt, Ann Schoofs; Salwei, Megan; Wiegmann, Douglas; Brown, Roger L.; Kleinschmidt, Peter; Novak, Clair; Pulia, Michael; Wang, Yudi; Wirkus, Emily; Patterson, Brian

Should electronic differential diagnosis support be used early or late in the diagnostic process? A multicentre experimental study of Isabel
Sibbald, Matt; Monteiro, Sandra; Sherbino, Jonathan; LoGiudice, Andrew; Friedman, Charles; Norman, Geoffrey

Does team reflexivity impact teamwork and communication in interprofessional hospital-based healthcare teams? A systematic review and narrative synthesis
McHugh, Siobhan Kathleen; Lawton, Rebecca; O’Hara, Jane Kathryn; Sheard, Laura

Medication-related interventions delivered both in hospital and following discharge: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Daliri, Sara; Boujarfi, Samira; el Mokaddam, Asma; Scholte op Reimer, Wilma J. M.; ter Riet, Gerben; den Haan, Chantal; Buurman, Bianca M.; Karapinar-Carkit, Fatma

Contribution of primary care organisation and specialist care provider to variation in GP referrals for suspected cancer: ecological analysis of national data
Burton, Christopher; O’Neill, Luke; Oliver, Phillip; Murchie, Peter

Systematically capturing and acting on insights from front-line staff: the ‘Bedside Learning Coordinator’
Shand, Jenny; Allwood, Dominique; Lee, Nicole; Elahi, Noor; McHenry, Iain; Chui, Karen; Tang, Sophie; Dawson-Couper, Zoe; Mountford, James; Bohmer, Richard

Advancing health equity in patient safety: a reckoning, challenge and opportunity
Chin, Marshall H.

Discharge against medical advice: ‘deviant’ behaviour or a health system quality gap?
Ambasta, Anshula; Santana, Maria; Ghali, William A.; Tang, Karen

Obstetric care navigation: results of a quality improvement project to provide accompaniment to women for facility-based maternity care in rural Guatemala
Austad, Kirsten; Juarez, Michel; Shryer, Hannah; Moratoya, Cristina; Rohloff, Peter

Cutting edge or blunt instrument: how to decide if a stepped wedge design is right for you
Hooper, Richard; Eldridge, Sandra M.

Prevalence and characterisation of diagnostic error among 7-day all-cause hospital medicine readmissions: a retrospective cohort study
Raffel, Katie E.; Kantor, Molly A.; Barish, Peter; Esmaili, Armond; Lim, Hana; Xue, Feifei; Ranji, Sumant R.

Can we safely continue to offer surgical treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Fowler, Alex; Abbott, Tom E. F.; Pearse, Rupert M.

From kamishibai card to key card: a family-targeted quality improvement initiative to reduce paediatric central line-associated bloodstream infections
Kamity, Ranjith; Grella, Melissa; Kim, Maureen L.; Akerman, Meredith; Quintos-Alagheband, Maria Lyn

Why colorectal screening fails to achieve the uptake rates of breast and cervical cancer screening: a comparative qualitative study
Kotzur, Marie; McCowan, Colin; Macdonald, Sara; Wyke, Sally; Gatting, Lauren; Campbell, Christine; Weller, David; Crighton, Emilia; Steele, Robert J. C.; Robb, Kathryn A.

Do bedside whiteboards enhance communication in hospitals? An exploratory multimethod study of patient and nurse perspectives
Goyal, Anupama; Glanzman, Hanna; Quinn, Martha; Tur, Komalpreet; Singh, Sweta; Winter, Suzanne; Snyder, Ashley; Chopra, Vineet

Use of patient complaints to identify diagnosis-related safety concerns: a mixed-method evaluation
Giardina, Traber D.; Korukonda, Saritha; Shahid, Umber; Vaghani, Viralkumar; Upadhyay, Divvy K.; Burke, Greg F.; Singh, Hardeep

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